Morning composition 2022.4.29 Release

Music made every morning with the emotion of the moment.

#1 In the sound of air
#2 Slow morning
#3 New Lights
#4 Fresh green
#5 Healing forest
#6 Fluctuation
#7 Window of the heart
#8 Feeling
#9 Coexistence
#10 The air
#11 Soft rainy day
#12 Dream memory
#13 Earth fairy
#14 Morning moon
#15 Late spring


First Album [ Here I am ] 2018.4.30 Release

1. Here I am

2. Deep Sleep

3. My Small Dance

4. Hallucination

5. All The Same

6. New Found Home

7. Alku

8. One (bonus track CD only)


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The first solo album of Akihisa Yamaguchi "Here I Am" is a collaboration album with guest singer J.Lamotta Suzume who is originally from Tel Aviv and currently based in Berlin.Her smoky voices and his melancholic melodies beautifully harmonize with each other in the 8 songs which are composed, arranged, produced by Akihisa himself. He also played the guitar, the piano, and the synthesiser in the recordings. The lyrics were composed in collaboration with a Berlin-based translator.The music video of the title track "Here I Am" was filmed in a suburb in Berlin and has been high esteemed.

AkihisaYamaguchiのファーストアルバム。イスラエルのテルアビブ出身ベルリン在住「J.Lamottaすずめ」をゲストシンガーに迎えたコラボレーション作で、彼女のスモーキーな歌声とAkihisaYamaguchiが作り出す物悲しい旋律が見事にマッチした、ボーナストラックを含む全8曲。ボーカルの録音はベルリン、Mixは東京とベルリンで行った。ギター、ピアノ、シンセサイザーなど全てAkihisa Yamaguchiが演奏。作詞については、ベルリン在住の翻訳家と共に進めた。アルバムタイトル曲「Here I am」のMusicVideo撮影もベルリン郊外で行い、高い評価を得ている。