Born in 1977 in Uji City, Kyoto prefecture. He is an artist currently living in Tokyo.

As a musician, he is working on a variety of video, space, and stage music. He is also active as a video creator, producing in a wide range of fields including video exhibitions, music videos, and documentary production.

He released his first solo album "Here I am" in 2018 welcoming the artist, "J. Lamotta Suzume" as a guest singer who lives in Berlin. In 2019, he held a video exhibition "Traveling Sound Touch". In 2020, he started a new band "Lacuna" with Claire Natirbov in Tokyo. From 2021, he is making a documentary series titled "Art Case Project".



2018年初のソロアルバム『Here I am』リリース。ベルリン在住のアーティスト、「J.Lamottaすずめ」をゲストシンガーに迎え発表。2019年「旅の音触」映像展開催。2020年新たなバンド「Lacuna」をClaire Natirbovとともに東京で始動する。2021年より「Art Case Project」と題したドキュメンタリーシリーズを制作している。