Akihisa Yamaguchi is an artist working dually in the fields of music and film. Originally from Uji, Kyoto, he presently lives and works in Tokyo. His debut solo album “Here I Am” was released in 2018. Past collaborations include “Suzume” with Berlin-based artist and singer J. Lamotta. Started in 2020, he and Claire Natirbov are currently creating their newest project “Lacuna”, a band collaborating with a variety of other artists and mediums.

山口彰久は音楽家と映像作家の2つのフィールドで活動している。京都府宇治市生まれ。東京在住のアーティスト。2018年に初のソロアルバム「Here I am」リリース。ベルリン在住のアーティスト、“J.Lamottaすずめ”をゲストシンガーに迎え発表。2020年、新たなバンド“Lacuna”をClaire Natirbovとともに東京で始動する。