Akihisa Yamaguchi is a Japanese musician, composer, arranger and guitarist, based in Tokyo. He began his career as a guitarist, composer and arranger for an accoustic unit, "Callin’ (高鈴) " in 1997. Since 2009, he has provided music and soundtracks for Japanese TV commercials. In 2017, he started his solo career to make his own music films.

Yamaguchi was born and raised in Uji-city, Kyoto, and started to play the guitar on his own at the age of 13.

First album "Here I am" released in 2018.

Guest singer is the first collaboration work with “J.lamotta すずめ” in Berlin.


2018年、ファーストアルバム「Here I am」ではベルリン在住のシンガー“J.lamottaすずめ”をゲストシンガーに迎え発表。